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Jamo Learning: Essentials to Success

Jamo Learning: Presenting Essentials to Success

Every child with hope. Every individual with a smile and the tools to succeed. Located in the Pikes Peak region, our program is designed to help the struggling reader, speller, and dyslexic individual of any age. We are here to help. We are Essentials to Success.

Jamo Learning: Essentials to Success


Dyslexia... A word that we are not unfamiliar with. Unfortunately though, to most, it remains a mystery. A very significant portion of the world's potential is bound up in reading and spelling struggles. Potential, that if unleashed, maybe, just maybe, would light up the world.

Jamo Learning: Essentials to Success

Do you need help?

We have not met you, not yet... We do not know what is causing the reading struggles; dyslexia likely, but we don't know. What is the language barrier, difficulty with spelling, the discouragement: We don't know. There are many things we would like to ask you, but first, there is one question that matters most: Do you need help?

Jamo Learning: Essentials to Success

The Essentials to Success Approach

We are here because the english language is too important for children, for adults, to struggle day after day. We use Foundation in Sounds and the Barton Reading and Spelling System with a research based Orton Gilingham approach. Our hope: that everyone will have the opportunity to succeed.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

                    - Amelia Earhart

The Pikes Peak Region

at Colorado Springs, Colorado