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Need Help?

Below are fictional expressions of the struggles that go on every day, the struggles to read. Maybe your struggles?...


Eric Boddaire

When I run, I feel that my feet are wings and the ground is the air. I can breath, I am free. I have never lost a race... That is, accept for one. In 23 years I have never been able to out run the fact that I can't read.

Annicka Flune

My name is Annicka, but you can call me Nicka. I like school, I really do. I only just wonder if I will ever be able to spell so good like Terrance my brother.


Their Story


Jose Honricko

I have stories I want to tell. I want to be an author when I grow up, just like Roald Dahl. There is only one story I am writing now and it is a sad story. My name is Jose Honricko, I can't spell my last name and lots of other words besides. Please help me.

Violet Ducan

I am Violet. I have baby brother now. I think he is very beautiful, like Daddy. One day I want to read him stories, but though I don't know it yet, reading will be really hard. Well, unless you help me.


Your Story

Lee Stewart

My name is Lee, Lee Stewart. My Daddy and I, we can't read. It's not that we don't want to learn, we do. It's just that no one was ever there to teach us how, the right way, the way we need to learn.


Nora Nowakki

I am going to be married in eight days, but I haven't told him yet that I can hardly read. I feel like a failure, but maybe I wouldn't have to, if you had been there to help me.


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