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We would love to chat and explore which path is right for you. Any questions you have we are glad to answer. To begin, just sign up for a free telephone interview. We will share with you the details of your membership so you can make the best decision for your situation.

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Jamo Learning - Living


The remediations we provide are designed to meet the individual needs in the most convenient way possible. Whether you prefer one on one tutoring, the family membership, or our blended model, we deliver the Orten Gillingham based tools and step by step interventions to create confident readers and spellers.

Community and Coop

We provide social opportunities, building encouraging sharpening communities, because a journey is not ment to be walked alone. Together we read, together we learn, together we live.


More than just words... We know that success is not just about reading, its about living. With exposure, exploration, and a taste of the world around us we believe that each student will have more than just the tools to succeed, a passion to succeed.




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